Advantages Of Vinyl Siding That Make It So Popular For Residences

27 August 2020
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Owners of older homes with aluminum siding eventually will have the cladding replaced. Wood is a possibility, but it requires more maintenance. Fiber cement, sheet metal, and vinyl are other options, and aluminum siding can be chosen again as well. Vinyl has become the most popular siding for residences because of several advantages.

Manufacturer Improvements

Decades ago, many homeowners decided against vinyl siding installation because the material was not as attractive as other options. However, manufacturers have succeeded in vastly improving both the look and the durability. Vinyl can look almost exactly like painted wood until someone views it at a very close range. In fact, the material is now often used on historic homes because it looks so authentic.

General Features

Vinyl siding is more affordable than other choices. It is available in a broad range of colors and textures. The color is not applied with a coating but rather permeates throughout the product. That means it will not chip or wear off. The siding can be ordered in panels of different sizes intended to be installed horizontally or vertically.


The material is not susceptible to damage by insects or rodents, and it is less vulnerable to weather than other siding products. Hail is more likely to dent aluminum, for example, even if the stones are relatively small. Moisture gradually deteriorates wood if maintenance is neglected. That can also affect fiber cement because of the woody materials it contains. In addition, vinyl siding is highly wind-proof.

Color Considerations

Manufacturers now include substances that protect vinyl against ultraviolet light. Thus, the siding should look like new for many years. Nevertheless, it does gradually fade. That can be noticeable after 12 or 15 years, especially in spots where the sun steadily shines on the material. For this reason, many homeowners choose neutral colors that only fade a little or for which the effect is not obvious. It should be noted that aluminum, steel, and fiber cement also gradually lose some color over time.


Reputable vinyl siding manufacturers provide long-lasting warranties against functional defects. The warranty transfers to new owners of a home after the place sells. The contractor providing installation services should offer a shorter-term warranty for labor.

Contractors offering service for siding replacement typically provide free estimates on the material and labor upon request. It's best to obtain at least three estimates and judge whether any of the quotes are unusually high or low. Homeowners then can make a decision and schedule this exterior renovation project.

For additional information, reach out to a local siding replacement service.