Do You Have Water Damage in the Bathroom?

4 December 2020
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Water damage is not that uncommon to find in areas of the home where moisture is a potential concern. These areas include the laundry room, kitchen, and especially the bathroom. While it may seem obvious if you have water damage in this room, it's not always entirely clear if water damage restoration is necessary. After all, if your bathroom is always wet or always has water in the room, how can you tell if it's naturally occurring water or water damage?

Here is a guide to help you understand whether you have water damage in the bathroom. If you're unsure, call your water damage restoration specialist and they can assess your bathroom and other areas of the home prone to water damage, and make repairs as needed. In order to prevent water damage in the bathroom, it's essential that you use some type of ventilation while showering or bathing, such as opening a window or having a fan going.

Here are the signs of water damage.

Walls are warped or paint is peeling

Is wallpaper coming off your bathroom walls? Are your walls peeling paint or do they have other signs of wear? If your walls are warped or paint is peeling or bubbling, this can be a sign of ongoing water damage. This is concerning for two reasons: first, the wood and drywall in your walls may be water damaged, which can lead to the need for water damage restoration. Secondly, any water damage left unchecked can lead to mold and mildew, so it's best to have your bathroom checked for this type of damage right away if you see the walls look less than perfect.

Pipes are wet or leaking

If you have any exposed pipes in the bathroom that are wet or leaking, then you likely have water damage that goes beyond what you can see. An ongoing drip in the bathroom can cause serious issues if you don't have water damage restoration done, and to the naked eye, you may believe you're doing everything you can to fix your problem. If you see any condensation or water stains under your sink, it's time to call for water damage restoration to be done.

Since water damage can happen at any time in the bathroom, prevention is key. Your water damage restoration specialist will show you what is causing your water damage in the first place and will educate you on how to prevent the same from happening in the future.