Common Causes Of Attic Mold

7 April 2020
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A musty odor that wafts from the attic or visible mold growth in the insulation or along the attic ceiling are the most obvious signs of an attic mold problem. If left unaddressed, the mold can lead to health repercussions for your family and the cause of the mold can cause roof failure or interior problems in your home. A mold remediation service can remove the mold, but they must also address the cause of the mold's initial growth. The following are a few of the common culprits.

Roof Leaks

The most common cause of attic mold is likely the roof leak. Leaks can occur for a myriad of reasons, such as lifted shingles, debris on the roof, roof punctures, and roof failure due to age. You may be able to determine that the roof is to blame with a simple inspection. Some damages, like missing or broken shingles, can easily be seen by inspecting the exterior of the roof. Hidden leaks may be obvious if you inspect the attic ceiling -- simply look for water stains or wood rot on the underside of the roof sheathing boards. In some cases, you may need to schedule a roof inspection in order to find the leak.

Poor Ventilation

Warm, moist air rises, which means that it tends to collect in the attic. For this reason, your roof is equipped with a series of vents. At a bare minimum, a roof should have a ridge vent, where the air escapes, and soffit vents in the eaves, which allow cool, dry air into the attic to push the warm air out the ridge vent. Larger or more intricate roofs may also have additional rooftop vents. If hot, damp air collects in the attic because of insufficient or blocked vents, mold can be a problem.

Indoor Condensation

Condensation that collects in the attic can be the result of poor ventilation, as mentioned, but it can also occur due to high humidity and too much moisture in the home. If condensation is an issue, you may also notice it not just in the attic but also around windows and doors in lower levels of the home. A whole-house dehumidifier may be the best option for dealing with condensation problems. You may also need to install an attic fan to help prevent condensation from collecting in the attic.

Contact a mold remediation service for more help in solving your attic mold problems.

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