Information On The Fire Damage Restoration Process

15 April 2020
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If you have had a fire in your house, then you're likely left with a mess. You'll have fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, and you may even have a lot of lost items. Before your home is ready for you to live in it again, you'll want to make sure it is safe, and this means having fire damage restoration done. In order to learn more about the fire restoration process and what to expect, continue reading.

 Why professional fire restoration is important

You may want to take care of the cleanup of the damage yourself, but this is not a good idea. It can put you in a dangerous situation for a lot of reasons. Not only will you be at risk of being injured on something, but you can also be in harm's way as far as breathing in toxins that can be harmful to your health and lead to health issues in the future. Plus, it will take you a lot longer to take care of everything and you may not do it correctly. Professionals will come in with the appropriate protective gear and take care of the job correctly and swiftly.

What does fire damage restoration consist of?

Fire damage restoration involves a lot of different areas. The restoration professionals will focus on getting your home back to its pre-fire state. They will attempt to restore anything that is salvageable and try to prevent the need for discarding as much as possible when it comes to your personal items, such as your furniture.

Safety will be a major concern. So, the first thing the restoration professionals will do is board up the affected area to keep people out of it and put tarps in areas where the roof has damage to prevent further damages from rain and debris.

Water damage will be one of the first things to be addressed to prevent further damages, such as mold and rotting. All affected areas will have the water removed and be completely dried.

Removal of soot and smoke damage will play a huge role in the fire damage restoration process. Soot and smoke damage can be extensive and if not professionally and properly removed, it can cause problems for years to come because it will continue to seep through new paint jobs.

Your house and everything in it that was near the area where the fire was will have smoke damage. This is one area of concern and the smoke odor won't always be able to be taken out of things like fabric furnishings. However, they will remove the smoke odor from everything possible.

To learn more, contact a fire damage restoration service today.