Have Musty Odors And Mold In Your Basement? Call Restoration Experts Today

28 April 2020
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You can't ignore musty odors around your home, especially if you've noticed that there is mold in the walls around your basement. Finding the source of the mold won't be your only dilemma when repairing the home.

If you can smell mold and mildew or must and the space is damp, you want to get the experts in to find where the moisture is coming from, and to help prepare the mold properly. Talk with the restoration and mold removal service providers about these things.

Source of the Moisture

The experts will find where the moisture is coming from. Common sources of this in a basement can include:

  • Sweating or leaking pipes
  • Moisture absorbed by the walls
  • Poor air ventilation
  • Appliance leaks

You want to be sure that once you treat the current mold problem, you won't have mold problems in the future.

Immediate Mold Removal

Immediate mold treatment is needed to protect your home and your health. The mold restoration team will do these things:

  • Extract the water from all materials
  • Dry and purify the air
  • Clean all fabrics and building materials
  • Remove odors and stains
  • Remove what debris can't be cleaned or restored

All moldy items need to be removed from your home so that the mold doesn't have a chance to spread to any other areas.

Ventilation and Interior Wall Cleaning

The heating and cooling ducts need to be examined. The mold spores could easily be living and traveling through the ventilation system. Have the ducts cleaned and also the heating and cooling appliances that serve your home. Not only will this help to prevent mold from leaving the basement and traveling through the house, but it also won't spread to other areas.

Air Purification

Run an air purification machine to help remove any other toxins that could be in the air. This will also help to remove lingering odors in the space. This is a machine that can greatly improve air quality.

If you can see mold and smell it, don't waste any time. Mold can be very toxic for the human respiratory system, and you don't want this to be a problem for everyone that is living in your home. Talk with the mold restoration professionals in your area to see what needs to be done to clean the property properly, and to see how to move forward with keeping the mold at bay after the work has been done to restore the property.

If you spot any mold in your home, contact a mold removal service today.