Making Repairs After A Fire

28 April 2020
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Fire damage can range from smoke and soot damage to structural damage in your home. If you have a fire in your home, getting a professional fire damage repair service to come out and evaluate the situation is essential. 

Smoke Damage

Smoke is a significant cause of damage after any fire in a house or other structures. The smoke from even a small fire can get into all the carpeting, the drapes or curtains, and the fabric of the furnishings in the home. Once the smoke penetrates the fabrics, it is challenging to get out, even with repeated washings of the fabrics. 

A commercial fire damage service can use select chemicals and cleaners to remove the odor of the smoke in many fabrics, but you will need to have them come and look at the items affected to determine if they can clean them or not. If the materials get soot in them, it is extremely difficult to get the soot out, and in extreme situations, you may have no choice but to replace the items.

Clothing and items that were in the home can also be cleaned with special detergents, so talk to the cleanup company about cleaning the garment for you. The fire damage company will be able to save many of the items in the home after a fire, but unfortunately, there may be things that are not salvageable. 

Fire Damage

Physical damage as a result of the fire in your home may be limited to a small area, but if the fire gets into the structure of the house, the damage can be significant, and you might not even be able to see it. Calling a fire damage repair contractor is a good idea after a fire in your house. The contractor will go over the house and look to see if there is damage to the structure of the home, and if there is, they will assess the damage to see what is salvageable and what is not. 

Often, the contractor can remove burned wood and replace it, but if the fire was exceptionally destructive, there might be parts of the home that can not be saved, and they will need rebuilding completely. Once the contractor has determined what needs repairing, their report can be sent to the insurance company. 

The insurance company may send someone to look at the home as well, and if you can get the insurance inspector and the contractor there at the same time, they may be able to talk through the damage and come to an agreement on whether fixing the home makes sense or not.