Smoke Damage Restoration Guide To Help Restore The Materials You Want To Save After A Fire

26 May 2020
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When your home has had a fire, there is a lot more than just the fire damage that you need to deal with. Sometimes, the smoke can cause more damage and problems that the fire did. Therefore, there are going to be some materials and property that need to be restored after the smoke has caused damage. The following smoke damage restoration guide will help you deal with some of the problems after a fire has caused smoke damage throughout your home:

Removing The Materials That Have Been Affected By The Fire And Cannot Be Cleaned

The first step in cleaning up the smoke damage in your home is to remove all the affected materials in your home. This is should start with the removal of furniture, personal property, and fabrics like window treatments. You will also want to begin the demolition of the materials that have been damaged by fire and smoke. You may want to set aside some of the materials that can be cleaned, restored, and reused.

Cleaning The Water And Soot After Demolition Work Has Been Done And The Structure Is Exposed

When the fire in your home is put out, water is used, which can cause a mess of soggy soot and water damage. These materials are going to need to be removed from your home when doing the demolition. You will want to remove woodwork, flooring, and drywall materials that have been damaged by the water, soot, and smoke caused by the fire. If there are materials that can be cleaned and restored, store them in a safe place until they can be cleaned.

Smoke Damage Restoration For Furniture And Other Personal Property That Was Removed

There are a lot of materials that can be damaged by smoke, such as furniture, clothes, and personal property. You will want to remove all the furniture from your home and clean it thoroughly. For objects like electronics, sometimes you can take them apart and clean them with alcohol to ensure they dry quickly and limit the damage to this property.

Final Cleaning And Deodorizing To Eliminate Any Leftover Smells That Were Caused By The Fire

The final cleaning of your home is important. You want to continuously clean everything as repairs are being done and you rebuild your home. Throughout this stage in the process, you are going to want to use deodorizing cleaners formulated for smoke damage. These deodorizing cleaners will help to eliminate the smell of smoke and fire that often linger after repairs are completed.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when dealing with the smoke damage that has affected your home. If there has recently been a fire in your home that has caused a lot of smoke, contact a smoke damage restoration service for help cleaning up and restoring the materials in your home.