Common Tasks You Need To Consider For Your Boat

29 May 2020
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If you own a boat or other watercraft, keeping it running properly and ready to use each season can be a lot of work. Finding a mechanic to work on your boat can be a challenge if you do not live near a marina, but there are many marine services companies around lakes and small bodies of water that may be able to help you.

Hull Repairs

When you own a boat that spends a lot of time in the water, restoring the paint or finish on the outside of the boat is necessary every few years. For boats that sit in the saltwater long term, barnacles can build up on the hull and affect the craft's performance, and the salt can damage metal parts under the waterline.

Pulling the boat out of the water and having a marine services company go over the boats hull and exterior is essential. Often this is the only time you have to inspect the hull for damage and make sure that the boat is safe, especially if you are cruising in open waters or areas that take you far from land.

Engine Repairs 

If you are having trouble with the engine in your boat running right, it is a good idea to have a mechanic from a marine services company go over the engine and check it out. The mechanic can troubleshoot the engine for you. Large craft or boats may have diesel motors, so if you need a diesel mechanic, make sure you let the marine services company know that in advance.

Regular maintenance of the engine in your boat is the best way to keep it running correctly, and a competent mechanic will notice things during routine maintenance that may allow them to fix a problem before it causes a significant breakdown. 

Once you find a mechanic you like, it is a good idea to use them for all your engine work, as they will get to know your boat and what is normal for it, making it easier to detect problems early. 

Brightwork and Deck Maintenance

If the deck on your boat is made from wood, it may need some special care to keep it looking great. Most marine applications use woods resistant to water damage, but having the deck professionally cleaned and sealed by a marine service company is an excellent way to keep the wood in top condition.

The brightwork, chrome, or aluminum on the boat also needs care in the offseason. There are many cleaners and protectants that you can use on the brightwork. Most marine services also offer professional detailing and cleaning services that you can take advantage of a couple of times a year.