Restoring Your Business After Major Water Damage

29 July 2020
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Water intrusions can have the potential to cause mass disruptions for your enterprise. In addition to the potential for lost revenue from having to be closed, your enterprise may also incur major repair costs as well. Due to the fact that any business will be able to experience significant water intrusion problems, it can be necessary for managers to have a plan for dealing with this issue before it actually arises.

1. Act Quickly to Limit the Scope of the Damage

The scope of the damage that your business suffers from the water intrusion will largely be a result of the amount of water that makes it into the building as well as the steps that are taken to limit its ability to spread. For example, if the intrusion is a result of a pipe rupturing, you will need to shut off the flow of water and attempt to dry up as much as the water that spilled as is possible. In situations where the water is intruding through a leak in the roof or near windows, attempting to collect the water in a bucket or other container can dramatically reduce the amount of water that is able to make it into the building.

2. Utilize a 24/7 Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Every day that your business is forced to be closed or operate at reduced capacity can be a source of major revenue loss. As a result of this reality, you will want to make sure that the repair and restoration work is completed as quickly as possible so that the business can resume normal operations. To this end, hiring a 24/7 water damage restoration contractor can help. These services will be able to respond to water damage restoration calls at any hour of the day, and they will have the capabilities to complete these projects extremely quickly. In many instances, these services may be able to have the restoration work completed in a short time, depending on the extent of the damage. 

3. Limit Access to The Damaged Area of the Building

If the water damage has largely been limited to a particular section of your building, you may be able to continue functioning at reduced capacity. For the safety of your workers as well as the customers visiting your business, you should make sure to effectively limit access to this area of the building until the restoration work has been completed. This can also assist the contractors in completing this work as quickly as possible due to avoiding the need to stop when individuals enter the area.