Tips To Remember To Safely Repair Your Hydraulic Cylinder

23 November 2020
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A hydraulic cylinder is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment that can be used to lift other heavy equipment or help boost your workplace production. When a hydraulic cylinder becomes un-operational, you will of course want to do what you can to get it back up and running quickly. That said, if you haven't actually attempted hydraulic cylinder repair on your own before, there are a number of safety tips that are important to keep in mind. Here's what to remember when attempting to fix your hydraulic cylinder.

Make Sure the Cylinder Isn't Holding Something Up Before You Begin Moving Things Around

Hydraulic cylinders are sometimes used to raise or lower other heavy pieces of equipment. If that sounds like one of your cylinders, make sure the team knows to safely remove any other equipment from the area before attempting to repair or replace your current cylinder. One wrong move and the heavy equipment that the cylinder is elevating could come crashing down and cause serious injury.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

A hydraulic cylinder is big and powerful but it's also quite intricate as far as its moving parts go. If you are going to go in and tinker around, you need the right tools for the job to avoid causing more damage. For example, all cylinders are typically removed from their casing before repair work begins, but a hydraulic cylinder's casing is sometimes referred to as a gland. A gland usually requires a specific kind of tool in order to remove it properly.

Remove All Pressure Before Opening It Up for Repair

Finally, make sure the cylinder is fully powered down and relieved of all pressure before you open it up. A pressure buildup that suddenly escapes without warning could create a dangerous situation.

Hydraulic cylinders require a regular schedule of maintenance and care to stay in top condition and reduce wear and tear. If your cylinders have seen better days, contact a local repair service for assistance

A hydraulic cylinder is an incredibly powerful piece of machinery, and it should be treated with respect when attempting to disassemble or move it in order to complete a repair. While you begin that process, also consider taking a look at the hydraulic seals or O-rings that provide a rubber barrier designed to keep metal from rubbing on other metal parts. Contact a local hydraulic cylinder repair service like HyVal Industries Inc if you think you can't tackle the project alone.