The Equipment Undercarriage Repair Guide to Extend the Life of Equipment

26 January 2021
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The undercarriage of equipment is often damaged due to daily operations. Repairs need to be done to this area of your equipment to extend its life. Some of these repairs need to be done regularly to ensure the equipment remains operational when you need it most. The following undercarriage guide will help with the repairs that are needed to extend the life of your equipment:

Checking Pads for Wear  

The pads are the parts of the undercarriage that receive the most abuse. These are the parts of the tracks that provide traction when working. Some of the issues with worn pads that you need to look for with your machines include:

  • Damaged cleats
  • Worn pins
  • Damaged chains and links
  • Broken bolts

The wear of the pads can cause issues with the equipment becoming out of line. This can cause serious problems with damage to the undercarriage, which is why worn or damaged pads need to be replaced.

Inspecting Rollers for Wear and Damage

The rollers of undercarriages are other parts that wear out frequently. Therefore, they need to be measured for wear and replaced before they cause damage. Some of the issues that you will want to look for with rollers include:

  • Groves on the surface of rollers
  • Rollers have worn to a smaller diameter
  • Flat areas and imperfections on the surface of rollers

The rollers are parts that wear out and will eventually need to be replaced. You want to change worn rollers when you are having other repairs done to the undercarriage. The damaged rollers can affect machine operation and cause issues with the wear of other components of your undercarriage.

Inspecting Sprockets for Wear That Requires Repairs

The sprockets are also parts that wear out on an undercarriage. This is because they are in direct contact with the pads. Eventually, the wear can cause damage to pads and put the machine out of commission. Some of the signs that the sprockets are worn and need to be replaced include:

  • Sharp edges on sprockets
  • Damage to the pins of pads
  • Damaged bolts and sprocket hardware

Replacing the worn sprockets are some of the most important repairs that need to be done to machines. When replacing worn sprockets, you will also want to replace worn hardware like bolts.

The right repairs will ensure your undercarriage is doing its job to protect your equipment from catastrophic damage. If your equipment has damage, contact an undercarriage repair service to extend the life of your machinery.