Home Damaged In A Flood? 3 Reasons To Choose Epoxy Flooring For The Restoration

7 December 2021
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If your home was recently flooded and you're recovering from the damage, it's time to take a close look at the flooring. You may think that you need to choose the same type of flooring for the restoration, but that's not the case. Now that your home has flooded, it's a good idea to choose a flooring that is resistant to water damage, especially if you want to be prepared for future floods. That's where epoxy flooring comes into the picture. You might think that epoxy flooring is only for commercial use, but it's not. Epoxy flooring works well in residential settings as well. Here are just three of the reasons you should choose epoxy flooring for your home. 

Reduce Wear and Tear

Now that you're recovering from a flood, you have the perfect opportunity to choose the best flooring for your home. When choosing the flooring, you need to consider actual wear and tear. If your floors see a lot of action, you need to choose flooring that won't wear out in a matter of years. That's why you need to talk to your contractor about epoxy flooring. One of the great things about epoxy flooring is that it's more durable than most other flooring options. Unlike carpeting, epoxy doesn't have fibers that can wear out under constant foot traffic. Unlike tile, epoxy flooring doesn't have grout that can wear out, fade, or develop deep-set stains. 

Increase Allergy Control

If you struggle with allergies or asthma, you need to maintain an allergen-free environment in your home. That can be difficult to do with some flooring options. When you choose carpeting, allergens can get trapped in the fibers, which can increase your allergy symptoms. When you choose vinyl flooring, you could be increasing the risk for asthma flare-ups. A recent study found that vinyl flooring can trigger asthma attacks in children. To avoid those risks, choose epoxy flooring for your home.  

Ease Maintenance Needs

Now that you need to replace your flooring, you have the chance to reduce your household chores. It can take a lot of time and effort to keep carpeting, tile, and hardwood flooring clean. If you're tired of spending your time keeping your floors clean, choose epoxy flooring to replace your flood-damaged flooring. Epoxy flooring doesn't require any intense maintenance to keep it looking brand-new. All you need to do is sweep your floor with a soft-bristled broom about once a week. If your floor does get dirty, you can use a damp mop as needed. 

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